Thank you for your interest in attending Dr Du Education.

We require all new students to sit an entrance test before enrolling. After the test, we will be able to recommend a class level and time that is most suited to you.

Please complete this form to book an Entrance Test at our Burwood or Hurstville campus.

On the day of the test:

  • Come in to the centre at your selected Test Time.
  • Please bring:
    • A pen
    • A calculator
    • Your School Student ID card
    • $20 for the Entrance Test fee
  • The test will take between 30 to 45 minutes.

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to process your request. We will confirm via SMS once your booking is made.

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    Parents/Guardians and Students:

    Please read our Terms and Conditions . The policy and procedures set out therein are to ensure that students obtain the best possible learning opportunity whilst studying at Dr. Du Education.

     Students: I have read, understood, and agree to the Terms and Conditions for Dr. Du Education.

     Parents: I have read, understood, and agree to the Terms and Conditions for Dr. Du Education.

    Note: The "Send Booking Request" button will only be enabled once the terms and conditions have been accepted for both students and parents

    Terms and Conditions

    Dr. Du Education recognises that the fostering of a fair, caring and supportive environment is fundamental to the success of our students. The policy and procedures set out herein are to ensure that students will obtain the best possible learning opportunity whilst studying at this Centre.
    It is a condition of entry at Dr. Du Education that both the student and their parents/guardians are aware of the Centre Rules and agree to abide by them.

    1. The student arrives on time and is prepared for every lesson.
    2. Students are to complete all issued homework independently and submit the homework on time every lesson.
    3. No plagiarism or cheating is permissible in any examination, including the weekly quiz.
    4. Students are to follow the teacher’s instructions willingly and promptly.
    5. Students must communicate without the use of rude or coarse language.
    6. Students must work quietly and let others learn undisturbed unless in a discussion session.
    7. Electronic devices (such as mobile phones, still or video cameras, sound recorders, music players etc.) must be switched off during lesson times.
    8. Students are advised to leave any valuable items at home. No responsibility will be taken by Dr. Du Education for any lost property.
    9. There shall be no running, playing or noisy behaviour on the premises at all times.
    10.Students are not to consume food or drinks (except water) inside the classroom.
    11.Dress codes and footwear should be appropriate to the learning environment (no thongs, high platform shoes). Immodest clothing is not acceptable.
    12.Hair should be neatly groomed and extreme hair styles are not acceptable. Excessive make-up and jewellery should not be worn.

    At Dr. Du Education, we place strong emphasis on the conduct and behaviour of our
    students. These are non-negotiable rules and strict compliance to them is a key to the
    provision of high quality education.
    In addition, students and parents also agree to the following terms:

    13. Dr. Du Education reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student on the grounds of their failure to observe the Centre Rules. In general, any student who breaches any of the rules three times in one term may face suspension.
    14. Although the Centre takes extreme care to ensure smooth running of all lectures, assigned teachers and curriculum including lecture times are subject to review and amendment in the best interest of students without prior notification.
    15. Dr. Du Education reserves the right to communicate directly (through writing or orally) with the student regarding their enrolment at the Centre without prior notice to parents/guardians. Matters include, but are not limited to, notices of promotions, demotions and unsettled accounts.
    16. There are no refunds and no replacement lessonsfor absence or early termination for any reasons. (缴费前请慎重考虑,缴费后无退费服务.)
    17. Additional fees may be charged for moving classes, makeup lessons, catch-up lessons, or other lessons outside the scheduled lesson times.
    18. Student enrolling for the first time may be eligible for a two-lesson trial period. Refund requests must be made after the second lesson but before the third lesson.
    19. Dr. Du Education reserves the right to take and publish photographs of students at the centre for day-to-day administration and promotional purposes.
    20. Year 12 students are to announce their HSC results and give consent to publish them (only 90 or above) upon request by the Centre.
    21. It is noticed that 24-hour continuous camera surveillance is in operation at the Centre’s premises for security purpose.
    22. Dr. Du Education may provide students with learning materials (‘Materials’) as part of the education services provided. Learning materials include but are not limited to, lecture notes, homework booklets, quiz papers, lesson recordings and may be provided physically, electronically or in any other format. Materials are exclusively provided for the private and personal use of Dr. Du Education students in their undertaking of education services provided by Dr. Du Education. Materials are copyright and confidential information. Materials must not be reproduced, on-sold, published, gifted or otherwise used for any other purpose.