Our courses are all designed to begin in Year 9, so Year 9 is the perfect time to join!

Many students who struggle in Year 11 and 12 think it is because of the increased level of complexity in their subjects. This is not the case! The reason behind the struggle is that they are trying to apply techniques and skills they do not understand. They may have memorised a formula, but they do not understand the derivation and so do not know when to use it, or how to adapt it to different problems.

At Dr Du Education, we focus on fundamentals and understanding.

Our Year 9 courses aim to help students establish a strong hold of concepts and basic principles that will be regularly used till the HSC. We believe that if the foundations are strong enough, any student can attain the top marks.

Courses offered for Year 9

  • 2 hour lessons each week
  • Quality teaching material developed by Dr Du Education
  • Weekly quizzes for students to review and revise previous topics
  • Homework booklets for students to reinforce their new knowledge and skills
  • Online homework help forum, available 7 days a week
  • Check your quiz and homework marks online

  • 1.5 hour lessons
  • Lessons are taught by qualified and experienced teachers
  • Covers all areas – comprehension, writing, literature and more!
  • Small to medium sized classes

Please read on for our Year 10 courses.

Classtimes and Pricing

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