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Located just one station down the line from the major Strathfield Station connecting multiple regional and suburban rail services, Burwood is a bustling suburb that is easily accessible by train, bus and car. 

Our convenient location draws students from all over Sydney, Wollongong and even the Blue Mountains.

Dr Du offers students

Early HSC preparation 

The best HSC results are built upon a strong knowledge foundation developed through years of continuous learning. That’s why we begin preparing students for the HSC as early as Year 9. Our Year 9 tutoring sessions (including our online tutoring courses) are purposefully designed so that students can establish a strong hold of fundamental concepts that will prove extremely valuable for future studies.

Rigorous curriculum

Delve deeper into the theories behind the practices. Our thoughtful curriculum provides plenty of opportunities for students to apply concepts they’ve learnt at school in addition to new skills that will supplement their existing knowledge base. All of the concepts and skills taught at our Burwood tutoring centre are further developed by regular homework booklets and quizzes written by experts in the field. 

Flexible Class formats

Both face-to-face and online courses are available at Dr. Du Education. Whether the student prefers an interactive class in person, or to study in the convenience of their own home, they are able to select a stream that most suits their needs and preferences. The online learning courses also allow students to join us even with geographical restraints. It is a convenient option that enables them to easily slot their tutoring plans into their existing schedule. Each online course offered by Dr Du is professionally designed, filmed and crafted in a way to ensure that lessons are optimised for digital learning. 

*Certain streams may not have at home online options. Please enquire to find out more. 

Classes from top teachers

Learn valuable practical skills from our capable and dedicated Dr Du tutors. They have not only achieved great success in their own studies but are also responsible teachers who are well-skilled to clearly explain concepts and enhance students’ learning. At our centre for English, Science and Math tutoring in Burwood, teachers continue to guide, motivate and discipline students every step of the way to help them achieve academic success. Highly qualified with a friendly attitude, Dr. Du teachers ensure that students are engaged in their learning and thoroughly understand fundamental concepts. 

Personalised support

Personalised support is a necessary component of each student’s tutoring to guide them through the learning process. Our tutors are flexible and can adjust class dynamics according to student feedback and maintain good rhythm and interactions throughout the lesson. Students can also access the Hinting Forum on the Dr. Du Online App which provides guidance for students’ weekly homework right at their fingertips. In addition, we also offer complimentary homework support sessions via Zoom, which provide the perfect setting for students to receive further clarifications from tutors in real time. 

Ongoing feedback

Turn potential into progress with ongoing and targeted communication. Our maths, science and English tutors in Burwood provide students with clear feedback that empowers them to build upon their strengths and address any gaps in their knowledge. By receiving regular feedback, students can better reflect on their learning development and remain motivated with continuing their independent studies.

The Dr Du Perks

One minute walk from Burwood station

Located just opposite Burwood station, our convenient address makes it easy for students from all over Sydney to drop by our learning centre after school. 

Engaging learning environment

An engaging learning environment involves more than teachers standing in front of a whiteboard. 

At Dr. Du, we offer an interactive curriculum that is specifically designed in accordance with the NSW syllabus and fosters a genuine interest in learning. Staff at our Burwood tutoring centre go above and beyond their duties to help students develop a solid understanding of the content, and be active participants in their studies. 

Moreover, our student cohort is composed of elite students from all over NSW, including top selective and private schools. Thus, students are accompanied by individuals who are not only competent in their learning abilities but are also active and disciplined towards their education. With such positive peer support, students are constantly encouraged to stay motivated and engaged in their learning. 

Supporting students with different learning needs

We understand that different students have different learning needs. Therefore, our program offers a range of class levels to ensure that students can grow in a learning environment tailored to their study preferences. Classes are available online and in person, for students to schedule their learning with ease. 


Dr. Du places a strong emphasis on recognising students’ hard work. Each term, top students from our Burwood tutoring centre receive Dr. Du Awards for their achievements. Students in the fundamental levels are given the opportunity to progress to an advanced level in the following term. These awards show Dr. Du students that their dedication, diligence and efforts will be recognised.

Proven and reliable results

Over the past 20 years, the students at Dr. Du consistently receive exceptional results in their HSC exams. 

In 2022, 258 of our students received 90+ in Maths Extension 1 while 222 achieved 90+ in Maths Extension 2. 

Moreover, 11 Dr. Du students received a State Ranking, and 16 achieved a 99.95 ATAR.

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It was a very unique experience that was instrumental in developing my skills as a student. During my three years at Dr. Du Education I have gained a deeper appreciation of the principles behind mathematics rather than just the formulae we are expected to remember. The higher expectations really pushed me to work harder and more efficiently, benefiting my studies outside of Maths as well. I have really enjoyed my time at Dr. Du and would not trade it for anything.


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