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Hurstville Campus

Catering to greater sydney and beyond

Situated across the road from Hurstville train station with plenty of surrounding bus stops, our Dr Du Tutoring Hurstville centre is easily accessible for students all over Sydney – particularly those from inner-west, southern or inner-city suburbs. Students can easily make their way to the centre from both home and school.

Dr Du provides students with

Early HSC preparation

Students achieve the best results through continuous learning in a systematic and consistent routine.  Therefore, we prepare students for their HSC from as early as Year 9. To ensure that students have a robust foundation for academic success when Year 12 arrives, our Hurstville tutors design our program based on the NSW syllabus, set weekly homework with exam-style questions, and foster a culture of discipline and motivation. Students are well-equipped throughout our Year 9 tutoring to Year 12 tutoring courses. As such, our in-person and online tutoring courses continue to deliver impressive results each year.  

Comprehensive curriculum

Our classes instil a motivation to succeed within our students, as we teach and build upon content based on the NSW syllabus. Classes of varying difficulty and pace are established to ensure students can grow in a learning environment matching their preferences. Our tutors allocate weekly quizzes to assess students’ competencies in their learning outcomes and monitor students’ academic progression at our Hurstville tutoring centre. 

Flexible Online Class

We understand that students may prefer learning in different environments and, as such, we offer our Hurstville tutoring programs both in-person and online. Students have the option to attend their English, Maths and Science tutoring in Hurstville, or learn from the comfort of their own homes*. 

*Certain streams may not have at home online options. Enquire to find out more.

Classes from top teachers

Teachers at our Dr Du Tutoring Hurstville centre are well-skilled in their ability to deliver clear explanations in class and enhance students’ understanding. As Dr. Du graduates themselves, they have not only succeeded in their own studies but more importantly are able to communicate their expertise and experience in Math, English and Science. The combination of the teachers’ knowledge, capabilities and empathy have allowed them to equip students with skills to build a strong foundation and achieve their personal best. It is precisely their strong capabilities and skills that allow us to deliver consistently outstanding results. 

Personalised support

Our in-person English, Science and Maths tutoring Hurstville programs, as well as our online tutoring equivalents, seek to cater to students’ learning needs. Our Hurstville tutors will communicate concepts in a way that is most effective for the students and encourage their class participation. We offer a Hinting Forum on our Dr Du app which provides students with a guide for their weekly homework questions 24/7. Complimentary homework support sessions via Zoom are also available to ensure students are supported and remain academically proficient.

Consistent feedback

Regular and constructive feedback is critical in for students to improve continuously throughout their time here. Our Maths, Science and English tutors in Hurstville will use students’ class participation, answers to their homework questions and individual conversations to identify key feedback points that will allow the student to deepen their skills and learning development. This feedback loop also includes parents, who can consistently track the students’ performance via our Dr. Du online app. 

The Dr Du Perks

One minute walk from Hurstville station

Our Dr. Du Tutoring Hurstville centre is located across the road from Hurstville train station and has ample surrounding bus stops, making it convenient for students and parents to commute to. 

Engaging learning environment

Our Hurstville tutors understand that the best learning occurs when the class is interactive and engaging. As such, they will adjust class dynamics to ensure students are actively participating in class, applying themselves to their weekly homework and committed to improving their skills. On top of achieving syllabus outcomes, our Hurstville tutoring centre also strives to help students build strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills will benefit them in challenges to and beyond the HSC.

Moreover, students are joined by top students from all over NSW who are eager and competent learners with great potential for success. Being in such an atmosphere of activeness and positivity towards learning will further boost the students’ motivation and discipline in their own studies. 

Different-paced classrooms to support learning needs

The Dr. Du Hurstville tutoring centre offers levels of classes that vary in difficulty and pace. Such an arrangement ensures that students can grow in a learning environment tailored to their study preferences and learning needs.


Dr. Du places a strong emphasis on recognising students’ hard work. Each term, top students from our Hurstville tutoring centre receive Dr. Du Awards for their achievements. Outstanding students will also have the opportunity to progress to a more advanced level in the following term to maximise their potential. This arrangement is in place so Dr. Du students know that their dedication, diligence and efforts are recognised and awarded.

Proven and reliable results

Each year, the students at Dr. Du consistently receive impressive results in their HSC exams. 

In 2022, 258 of our students received 90+ in Maths Extension 1 while 222 achieved 90+ in Maths Extension 2. 

Moreover, 11 Dr. Du students were State Rankers, and 16 achieved the perfect 99.95 ATAR. 

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It was a very unique experience that was instrumental in developing my skills as a student. During my three years at Dr. Du Education I have gained a deeper appreciation of the principles behind mathematics rather than just the formulae we are expected to remember. The higher expectations really pushed me to work harder and more efficiently, benefiting my studies outside of Maths as well. I have really enjoyed my time at Dr. Du and would not trade it for anything.


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