Two-Factor Authentication Issues

Time Syncing

The two-factor authentication code may be wrong if your device's time is not synced with the time in the Dr. Du Online application's time

The Dr. Du Online application’s time is synced with Microsoft’s internal servers’ time. To make sure your time is also synced with the servers, you can:

(For Apple Devices)
  • Go to the Settings app
  • Select General
  • Select Date & Time
  • Enable Set Automatically
(For Android Devices)
  • Go to the Settings app
  • Select General Management
  • Select Date and Time
  • Enable Automatic date and time

Note: Android instructions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of the device.

Google Authenticator Time Syncing

Google Authenticator's time may not be correctly synced (issue only applied to Android users)

To make sure your Google Authenticator has the correct time:

  • Go to the main menu on the Google Authenticator application
  • Tap more (either the three vertical dots or the arrow pointing to the right, depending on your device)
  • Then click Settings
  • Tap Time correction for codes
  • Tap Sync now

On the next screen, the app will confirm that the time has been synced, and you should now be able to use your verification codes to sign in. The sync will only affect the internal time of your Google Authenticator app, and will not change your device’s Date & Time settings.

Lost Phone Or Deleted Authenticator

If you have
  • Lost your phone
  • Changed to a new phone
  • Or deleted Authenticator and lost the two-factor authentication code
Please contact the office and we can reset your two-factor authentication from here.