Steps On How To Set Up Dr. Du Online Mobile Notifications

1. Download and install DR. DU ONLINE for Android or iOS by clicking on one of the links below

2. Start Dr. Du Online and log in with your username and password (you should have received this as a text message from the Dr. Du staff, or you may find it on your latest invoice).
Note: If you do not have access to your username and password, feel free to contact the front desk

3. Press ‘Allow’ when the popup requests permission for the Dr. Du Online App to send notifications
Note: If you accidentally click ‘Don’t Allow’, you can go into your device’s settings to allow notifications. This is shown at the bottom of this page

4. Go to the ‘Profile’ page and enter your email

5. Check your email to make sure you have entered your email properly in the ‘Profile’ page

6. On the ‘Profile’ page, please test send a notification to yourself
Note: This will send a notification to all devices registered to your account

Steps On How To Allow The Dr. Du Online App To Send Notifications


1. Click on Settings and go to ‘Notifications’

2. Select Dr. Du Online

3. Allow notifications


1. Go to Settings and select ‘Notifications’

2. Under ‘Recently sent’, select ‘See all’

3. Change from ‘Most recent’ to ‘All’

4. Allow notifications for Dr. Du Online