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Job vacancies arise at Dr. Du Education every year. We look for well-rounded people with any of the following qualities: dedication, confidence, good communication skills and decent results in the relevant subjects.

The main intake is in Term 1 each year, but vacancies may open immediately after the HSC. Although we receive a lot of applications from high school graduates, our policy has always been to give priority to our ex-students.

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    我在杜博士获得了一段独一无二的经历。 这段经历对我培养自己作为一名学生所需要的技能起到了至关重要的作用。 在杜博士这里学习的三年中,我并不只是死记硬背了需要的公式,而是对于数学背后的原理有了更深刻的理解。同时,对我而言,更高的期待也的确促使我更加努力和更高效的学习。 这使得我除数学以外的学习也同样受益匪浅。 我真的很享受在杜博士的那段时光, 那是我不会用任何东西交换的宝贵经历。

    GEOFFREY L. (2018届 毕业生)

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