Year 11 Chemistry and Physics Courses Starting Next Term

Year 11 Chemistry and Physics courses will soon begin for Year 10 students from the upcoming Term 4 of this year.
Get a head start by learning the content one term ahead of school! 🎉

Currently, any new or existing students joining our Chemistry and Physics programs are exempt from the entrance test. Seize the opportunity and join us today! 😊

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to call us on:
Burwood: 9715 2622 or
Hurstville: 9586 3969

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It was a very unique experience that was instrumental in developing my skills as a student. During my three years at Dr. Du Education I have gained a deeper appreciation of the principles behind mathematics rather than just the formulae we are expected to remember. The higher expectations really pushed me to work harder and more efficiently, benefiting my studies outside of Maths as well. I have really enjoyed my time at Dr. Du and would not trade it for anything.


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