Year 10 is a very important transition year. It is the last chance for students to strengthen their foundations, which will allow them to excel in their senior years. Without strong foundations, students may be troubled by the sudden increase in workload and difficulty of the final two years of high school.

Our Year 10 courses strengthen the basics students have learnt in Year 9, and also accelerate students in their studies. By staying ahead of school, students are in a better position for not only school exams, but also the transition into Year 11.

Courses offered for Year 10

  • 2 hour lesson every week (2.75 hour lesson in Term 4)
  • Be ahead of your school by at least half a year!
  • Quality teaching material developed in-house
  • Weekly quizzes for students to review and revise previous topics
  • Homework booklets for students to reinforce their new knowledge and skills
  • Online homework help forum, available 7 days a week
  • Check your quiz and homework marks online

  • 1.5 hour lessons
  • Lessons are taught by qualified and experienced teachers
  • Covers all areas – comprehension, writing, literature and more!
  • Small to medium sized classes
Chemistry & Physics
  • Start the Preliminary HSC Course in Term 4!
  • Brand NEW materials to cater for the new NSW syllabus

Please read on for our Year 11 courses.

Classtimes and Pricing

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