Dr. Du Online

Welcome to Dr. Du Online!

Our online teaching programs are delivered through our teaching system called Dr. Du Online. You will need a Windows or MacOS (MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini) computer.

Setting up the Dr. Du Online Application

  1. On your Windows or MacOS computer, please log into the Student Portal (click HERE!) using your Student Number and Password. You should have received these through SMS. They can also be found on your most recent invoice.
  1. Please click the ‘DR. DU ONLINE App‘ icon.
  1. Click the appropriate download link for your device and run the downloaded installer.
    • If you are using a Windows device, please note the Special Installation Instructions for Windows.
    • We have versions of Dr. Du Online for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices but they are limited in functionality for the weekly lessons. You will need to have Dr. Du Online installed on a Windows or MacOS computer.
  1. Start Dr. Du Online and log in using your Student Portal username and password. Please follow the on screen instructions to set up Google Authenticator on your mobile phone for two factor authentication. You will need this phone every time you log into Dr. Du Online.
  1. Lessons are uploaded every Monday. Each week, we expect students to watch the videos or attend their live Zoom session, complete the homework and submit it, and complete an online quiz session (if applicable).
  1. If you have any difficulties setting up Dr. Du Online, please contact us!