How can I enrol at Dr Du Education?

Please contact us to start your enrolment.

All students who wish to enrol at Dr Du Coaching must first take an entrance test. After the exam, you will be allocated a level, from which you can choose to enrol in a class that runs a suitable time (if available).

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Why do I have to do the entrance exam?

At Dr Du Education, classes are arranged in levels. To help us allocate each student to an appropriate level, we require all students to sit the entrance exam before enrolling.

Can I be moved out of the level that I was initially allocated?

We closely monitor the performance of all students. Students may be promoted or demoted depending on their performance, which will be assessed every term. Students will be notified of any movements to their levels.

Fees and Payment

How much are the fees for Y9/10/11/12 Subject A, B, C?

For the prices of all our courses, please see the pricing page.

How can I get the early-bird discount?

Payments made before the early-bird deadline may be available for the early-bird discount. The deadline date is written on the timetable.

What type of payment method can I use?

We accept payments in person via cash, credit cards (excl. American Express), and EFTPOS, or over the internet via PayWay, BPay, or bank transfer.

Please login to the Student Portal to make an internet payment.

Finishing a 2-week trial

If you have completed your 2-week trial and decided not to continue, please fill in this form.

Studying at Dr Du Education

Am I allowed to move to a different class time if I cannot come to my original class time?

Each term, students have two free moving class opportunities for each subject. Subsequent moves will be charged.

How can I move classes?

If you wish to move classes, you are required to tell the office what class you wish to attend, before attending.

Terms and Conditions

What are the Terms and Conditions at Dr Du Education?

Please see the document here.

Privacy Policy

What is the Privacy Policy at Dr Du Education?

Please see the document here

Payment Policy

What is the Payment Policy at Dr Du Education?

Please see the document here

For our specific refund policy, please click here.

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