2022 HSC


students achieved
State Ranking


students achieved 99.95


students achieved 99+




students achieved 90+
in Maths Extension 2


students achieved 90+
in Maths Extension 1


students achieved 90+
in Maths Advanced


students achieved 90+
in Chemistry


students achieved 90+
in Physics


students achieved 90+
in English Advanced


For the past 20 years, Dr. Du Education has consistently provided professional and quality teaching to Australian high school students from Year 9 to Year 12. We have continuously delivered tested and proven results, helping students become top HSC achievers across key subjects including Math, English, Chemistry and Physics.

The Dr. Du approach is characterised by a focus on building strong foundations and keeping a regimented routine of practice, so that students can continuously grow in their knowledge and skills. Our tutoring centres are located in Burwood and Hurstville, which are easily accessible by bus, train, car or foot.


At Dr. Du Education, our rigorous curriculum is based on the NSW syllabus, and is specially designed to logically connect individual dot points as a system, giving students a broader and more in-depth understanding of the subjects. We also understand that study preferences are personal and can vary student to student. That’s why we offer our tutoring classes both in-person and online, so that students can pick the method that best compliments their learning style. Both in-person and online classes are delivered using the Dr. Du Education proprietary teaching materials.

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The Dr Du approach to learning is tried, tested and trusted. See what past students and parents have had to say about their time and experience with us.
It was a very unique experience that was instrumental in developing my skills as a student. During my three years at Dr. Du Education I have gained a deeper appreciation of the principles behind mathematics rather than just the formulae we are expected to remember. The higher expectations really pushed me to work harder and more efficiently, benefiting my studies outside of Maths as well. I have really enjoyed my time at Dr. Du and would not trade it for anything.

Adison C, 2022 Graduate

The in-depth teaching and content from Dr Du is what single-handedly gained me top bands for all the subjects I studied here. The quiz program and excellent homework questions further consolidates understanding and knowledge of the content. The helpful tutors, admin, William and Dr Du himself all lead to the results every year which speak for themselves.

Morris, 2021 Graduate

Dr Du has really cultivated a genuine love and passion for math during my time at high school. Without it, I would never have been able to realise my potential and achieve the marks that I have. It hasn’t only helped me in math, but in all my subjects, teaching me the importance of tolerance and persistence.

Johnny, 2021 Graduate

Frequently asked questions

Students achieve the best results through continuous learning in a systematic and consistent routine. Dr. Du provides a rigorous and holistic curriculum for English, Math and Science tutoring for students in Sydney and beyond. We focus on fostering healthy study habits by engaging students in weekly homework and quizzes to build a regular rhythm of learning. At Dr. Du tutoring centres, we provide students with clear feedback that allows them to build upon their strengths and address any gaps in their knowledge. Students therefore are able to develop critical problem-solving skills that empowers them to become top achievers.

At Dr. Du, both the face to face and online courses provides quality teaching and Dr. Du exclusive materials that allows our students to develop a solid understanding of the content. Therefore, students can simply choose the stream they prefer based on their schedules, personal needs and learning preferences.

Face to face classes at Dr. Du Education tutoring centres are taught in a group setting. We do not offer regular one-to-one tutoring sessions.  For online courses, all lessons are professionally designed, filmed and crafted in a way that is optimised for digital learning. Therefore, students are able to progress at their individual pace and preference which is a convenient option for those that prefer flexibility or have geographical restraints.

We have several systems in place to assist students with their studying and maximise their learning outcomes. For questions about the weekly homework, we offer the Hinting Forum which provides guidance for how to approach questions 24/7. In addition, our program includes complimentary homework support sessions via Zoom, which provide the perfect setting for students to receive further clarifications from tutors in real time.

Dr. Du educators are strong candidates when you look for the best tutors in Sydney. Our tutors have not only achieved top HSC results themselves, but more importantly are able to communicate their expertise and experience in Math, English and Science. Most of them are Dr. Du graduates, and as such, understand and embody the commitment we have to our students and their success. They are well-skilled in their ability to give clear explanations and enhance students’ understanding, allowing us to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Dr Du offers an Early Bird discount for students that register for our classes at our tutoring centres before the early-bird deadline. This deadline is outlined in the timetable on our website prior to each school term. 

We also offer additional discounts for student enrolling in multiple terms and multiple subjects.

Family discounts are also available when siblings are concurrently enrolled at the Dr. Du tutoring centres.

What will be on the entrance test?

At Dr Du tutoring centres, we utilise the weekly homework and quizzes to continuously monitor and assess students’ understanding and application of course content. Each term, students with top results receive Dr. Du Awards for their achievements as well as the opportunity to progress to a more advanced level in the following term.

Full term payment is required upfront before commencing lessons. We offer new students a trial period where after two lessons, they can elect to withdraw from the course and request a refund for the remaining unused term fees. This trial period is not applicable for multi-term enrolments or existing students. The enrolment fee paid upon first enrolment is non-refundable.


Enrolment for 2023 Term 1 Year 9 is NOW OPEN!

Enrolment for the Year 9 Term 1 2023 programs are NOW OPEN! Booked an entrance test today!  Please feel free to reach out to us for any enquires, at:

Welcome Back to Term 4 2023

Welcome Back to Term 4 2023! Classes have started for all years, but new students are still welcomed to join us! Please head to our website to book

Happy Graduation to the Class of 2023

Dear Class of 2023, Happy Graduation!🎉 Congratulations on reaching such an important milestone in your life. Thank you for letting Dr. Du join

End of Term 3 2023

Term 3 2023 has come to an end! For our graduating Year 12 students (Class of 2023), we will be running the simulation exam and explanation in the next

Year 11 Chemistry and Physics Courses Starting Next Term

Year 11 Chemistry and Physics courses will soon begin for Year 10 students from the upcoming Term 4 of this year. Get a head start by learning the content

Term 3 2023 Starts Monday (17/07/23)

Welcome back to Term 3 of 2023! All Year 9 to Year 11 will begin from tomorrow, Monday 17th July 2023. A reminder to all students that your homework

End of Term 2 2023

Today is the last day of this term! There will be no lessons in the upcoming two weeks for Year 9 – Year 11 students. Live homework help will still continue

We are Open For King’s Birthday

Office is open for the upcoming King’s Birthday Public holiday (MON 12/06/23). All scheduled classes will also run as normal. Please contact

Welcome Back to Term 2 2023!

Welcome Back to Term 2 of 2023! Year 9 to Year 11 classes will begin from the coming Monday (24/04/23). The office and all classes run as normal on Anzac

We are OPEN for the Easter Holidays

The office is open over the coming Easter Holidays (FRI 07/04/23 – MON 10/04/23). All scheduled classes will run as normal during this period.

Enrolment for Term 2 2023 is NOW OPEN!

Enrolment for Term 2 2023 is NOW OPEN! Our Early Bird Discount offer is available for payments made before SUNDAY 02/04/2023.  All detailed timetable

Moving Class Function Now Available!

The movement function is now available via the Dr. Du Online app or our website. After logging in, students and parents can switch lessons simply

Year 9 – Year 11 Classes Begin Next Week

Our Year 9 to Year 11 classes for Term 1 2023 will start from the coming Monday (30/01/23). Enrolment is still open for new students, book your entrance

We are OPEN for Australia Day

Please note that all scheduled classes will continue run as normal on Australia Day (THU 26th January 2023). The office is also open from 10am-6:30pm.

Live Homework Help

Live homework help sessions via zoom begin to run from this weekend! During this week and next week, sessions are held on the weekends. From 30th

Welcome Back to Term 1 2023!

A sincere welcome to all students joining us for the upcoming Term 1 2023! Year 12 classes will start from the coming Monday 16th Jan 2023. Year 9 –

Congratulations to 2022 Graduates for their HSC results

Congratulations to all 2022 Graduates for their amazing results!! Special congratulations to those who achieved a state rank. We are so proud

Enrolment for Term 1 2023 is Open!

Enrolment for Term 1 2023 is NOW OPEN! Make a payment before SUNDAY 11/12/22 for an Early Bird Discount! All detailed timetable and pricing are available

Enrolment for Year 9 Term 1 2023 NOW OPEN

Enrolment for the Year 9 course next year (Term 1 2023) is NOW OPEN! Make an entrance test booking today! For any enquires, please contact us at: Burwood:

Mid-Term Reminder T4 2022

We have already arrived at the mid-term mark of Term 4 2022! Please use this as a reminder to review and reflect on your progress so far. Results can

Welcome Back to Term 4 2022

Welcome Back to the last term of 2022! Term 4 Classes have resume for all years, but enrolment is still open for new students! Head to our website to

Happy Graduation Class of 2022

Dear Class of 2022, We have arrived at the last step of your journey here at Dr. Du before the HSC exams. We want to take the opportunity to thank you

We are Open for Labour Day

The office is OPEN for Labour Day next Monday (03/10/22) All scheduled classes will also continue run as normal. Please contact the office if you

Year 12 HSC Simulation Exams

Simulation exams will run for all Year 12 students this week! Please make sure you are well prepared by revising content, staying healthy, and have

Final Week of Term 3 2022

The last week of Term 3 2022 has arrived! There will be no lessons in the upcoming two weeks for Year 9 – Year 10 students, but live homework help

Early Bird Discount Ends on Sunday!

The Early Bird Discount for Term 4 2022 enrolment ends this weekend! (Last day Sunday 18/09/22). Enrol NOW to secure the discount! For new students,

Enrolment for Term 4 is NOW OPEN!

Enrolment for Term 4 2022 is NOW OPEN! Make payment before SUNDAY 18/09/22 for an Early Bird Discount! We are also excited to present a new and updated

Upgraded Chemistry and Physics Program

Exciting news! An upgraded and refreshed version of Physics and Chemistry at Dr. Du Education has arrived! These Year 11 courses will be offered

Mid-Term Reminder for Term 3 2022

We have arrived at the mid-point of Term 3 2022! Take the opportunity to track and review students’ progress by downloading our Dr. Du Online app

New Homework Help Workshop Times

Need help with your homework? Access live homework help anywhere, simply by joining our FREE zoom homework help workshops! Extra sessions have

In-Centre Video Classes Resume for Term 3

A reminder that from Term 3 onwards, we’ve resume in-centre video classes for the following streams: Y12 4U whole cohort Y12 3U A1 & A2 Y11 3U

Welcome Back to Term 3 2022

Welcome Back to Term 3 of 2022! Year 9 to Year 11 classes will resume from the coming Monday (18/07/22). Enrolment is still open for new students!

End of Term 2 2022!

We are now approaching the end of Term 2 2022! Year 9 – Year 11 students, please enjoy the upcoming holidays and use it as a time to rest and review

Early Bird Discount for Term 3 2022 Ends This Sunday

The Early Bird Discount for Term 3 2022 expires by the end of this week! (Last day Sunday 26/06/22). Enrol NOW to secure the discount! Book your entrance

Enrolment for Term 3 2022 is Now Open

ENROLMENT for Term 3 2022 is NOW OPEN! Please visit our website for detailed timetables and pricing. Please be reminded that students who enrol

We are Open for the Queen’s Birthday (13/06/22)

All scheduled classes will continue run as normal on the Queen’s Birthday (MON 13th June 2022). Please contact the office if you need to reschedule

Mid-Term Checkpoint!

We are now half way through Term 2 2022! Follow students’ progress by downloading the Dr. Du Online App at: (Apple) OR

Future Notifications will be pushed via the Dr. Du Online App

Please note that we have stopped notifications via SMS. All future notifications will be delivered through the Dr. Du Online App Only. Please download

Mobile Submission Now Available!

Please be reminded that the mobile version of Dr. Du Online has updated to include a “photo and upload” function. Students are now able to submit

Welcome Back to Term 2 and We are OPEN for Anzac Day

Welcome Back to Term 2 of 2022! Classes will resume for Year 9 to Year 11 students from Monday (25/04/22). Please note that classes run as normal on

We are OPEN over the Easter Holidays

Classes for Year 12 students are still scheduled to run as normal over the Easter Break (FRI-MON, 15th -18th April 2022). Please contact the office

Classes continue for Year 12 students during holidays

Please be reminded that classes continue as normal for all Year 12 Classes during the upcoming school holidays. Face to face lessons will run at

Last Week of Term 1 2022

Term 1 2022 has gone by with flying colours and we are nearly at the end. This week is the last week of Term 1 2022. For our Year 9 – Year 11 students,

Reminder of Early Bird Discount Deadline

The Early Bird Discount ends THIS SUNDAY (03/04/22)! Enrol NOW to avoid missing out! Book your entrance test at:

Enrolment Open for Term 2, 2022

Enrolment for Term 2, 2022 is NOW OPEN! Timetables and prices are available at: Face-to-face Courses:

NEW Year 9 A1 & 10 A1 Classes at Hurstville

We are excited to announce that two NEW A1 classes have been established at the HURSTVILLE Campus! They are: Year 9 A1 Wednesday 4:45-6:45pm (Taught

Face-To-Face Classes are Available

A reminder that Face-to-Face classes have resumed at Dr. Du Education. Video lessons are also available (either in-centre or online depending

New Hinting Forum

In order to further support and enhance our students’ learning experience at Dr. Du Education, a new homework help channel has been established!

Warm Welcome to All New Staff

Congratulations and a warm welcome to all new staff who joined Dr. Du Education this year! With these top talents, Dr. Du Education is able to not

New Hurstville Centre

Please be reminded that Dr. Du Education HURSTVILLE CAMPUS has relocated to Level 5, 288 Forest Road, Hurstville                         

Congratulations to Our 2021 Graduates

We are proud to share the amazing performance of our 2021 HSC graduates. Despite disruptions caused by the pandemic, we were able to assist students


Due to the extension of the COVID-19 lockdown over Greater Sydney, classes will remain online until further notice. Lessons and materials will

Welcome back to Term 3, 2021!

Term 3 classes for Year 12 students resume from Monday 28 June 2021. Year 9-11 students will return to classes from Monday 12 July 2021. Due to COVID-19

Last week for Term 2, 2021

Term 2 classes will wrap up this week (21 – 27 June 2021). Term 3 will begin on 28 June for Year 12 students and 12 July for Year 9-11 students.

We are open for Queen’s Birthday (14/06/2021)

All classes run as usual according to the regular timetable. Please contact the office if you need to reschedule your lessons.

2021 Calendar

Dr. Du Education term dates and payment deadline will follow this calendar for 2021. Please refer to the calendar for important dates.


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